Courier delivery

Courier delivery

In a modern big city, courier delivery is an almost irreplaceable tool that allows you to significantly save time and money. As a rule, it is used for transporting important documents, correspondence or small parcels in a short time. But there are often needs for "courier delivery" type of transportation for heavier or bulky cargo. HAS GLOBAL LOGISTIC will provide this delivery for a wide range of goods and services. The courier service of HAS GLOBAL LOGISTIC guarantees the safety of the cargo, high speed of delivery and confidentiality of the transmitted information. All employees of the company approach each customer in a responsible manner and try to offer individual conditions, including a whole list of specialized services.  We will expertly build the optimal logistics chain for each of your express shipments, taking into account: the direction, weight and nature of the cargo.
  • The sender does not need to worry about packing the parcel and processing documents – we take care of all this.
  • Security guarantee - opening of the parcel is completely excluded. The product is passed "from hand to hand". Individual approach to each client, and tailor programs delivered in the work of the staff combined sensitivity to the needs of the customer.
  • High speed delivery, urgent day-to-day delivery. Plus convenience. After all, you do not need to leave your home, spend time moving around the city and traffic jams. You place an order online and just wait for us!