Multimodal transportations

Today, thanks to multimodal transportation, we are able to implement the principle of door-to-door delivery, competently combining vehicles and thus reducing the time and financial costs of the client.

Courier delivery

In a modern big city, courier delivery is an almost irreplaceable tool that allows you to significantly save time and money. As a rule, it is used for transporting important documents, correspondence or small parcels in a short time. But there are often needs for "courier delivery" type of transportation for heavier or bulky cargo. HAS GLOBAL LOGISTIC will provide this delivery for a wide range of goods and services.

Rail transportations

Rail transportations is the most economical and safe way to transport large shipments of goods and (or) bulky goods. Although this type of transport requires more time than transporting similar cargo by car, it has significant advantages in the form of a lower price and a larger cargo capacity.

Motor transportations

International and local motor transportations is one of the key services provided by HAS GLOBAL LOGISTIC since 2011.  We are engaged in logistics of any complexity without restrictions in weight and volume. The company employs only the most qualified specialists who do everything possible to ensure that the cargo arrives at the destination point in its entirety and good condition, as well as on time, so that each application is fulfilled efficiently.

Air transportations

We carry out air transportationі of any type of cargo. More than 50 partners allow you to deliver your cargo anywhere in the world.  Regardless of the nature of your needs, we can provide the optimal solution for the transportation of goods - quickly and reliably. Qualified and experienced staff, using the latest systems, make sure that your cargo is delivered to its destination on time, wherever it is - in the safest, most economical and fast way possible.
The efficiency of logistics is one of the indicators that ultimately affects the company's profit. Generally speaking, the speed of production and distribution of products depends on how well the logistics is organized at the enterprise.
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We work in both Kazakhstani and international express mail markets. Our courier delivery is the exact observance of the established terms of transportation of goods, the safety of their contents, speed and a guarantee of safety.
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We are in figures
transportations per year
in the market of transport services
12billion tenge
of company turnover for 2019
contractor partners
satisfied customers every month
Private person. Route: Fergana (Uzbekistan) - Tashkent (Uzbekistan) - Moscow (Russia), path length 3815 km.
Thin sheet steel products. The name of the transported products: metal tiles. Route: Uralsk (Kazakhstan) - Atyrau (Kazakhstan), the path is 523 km long.
Spare parts for drilling rigs. Route: Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) - Khromtau (Kazakhstan) - Altyndy (Kazakhstan), path length 1703 km.
Spare parts for drilling rigs. Route: Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) - Akzhal (Kazakhstan) - Moiynty (Kazakhstan), the path is 847 km long.
Consumer goods. Route: Netherlands - Almaty (Kazakhstan), path length 6348 km.
Confectionery. Route: Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk Region, Russia) - Shymkent (Kazakhstan), the path is 2021 km long.
Food and drinks. Route: Vologda (Vologda region, Russia) - Almaty (Kazakhstan), the path is 4123 km long.
Heating systems and boiler equipment. Route: Barnaul (Altai Territory, Russia) - Kostanay (Kazakhstan), the path is 1673 km long.
Lubricating motor oils. Route: with. Bayserke (Ili district, Almaty region, Kazakhstan) - Suzdal (Vladimir region, Russia), the path is 2021 km long.
Confectionery production. The name of the transported products: cookies. Route: Almaty (Kazakhstan) - Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan), the path is 1015 km long.
Production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Route: Almaty (Kazakhstan) - Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), path length 263 km.