We work in both Kazakhstani and international express mail markets. Our courier delivery is the exact observance of the established terms of transportation of goods, the safety of their contents, speed and a guarantee of safety.

We transport any cargo of various weights and dimensions to any place in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the world. The extensive HAS GLOBAL LOGISTIC network gives you the opportunity to use our services wherever you are.

We transport:

  • documents, securities, congratulations and letters
  • parcels and gifts
  • various loads without weight and size restrictions.

All types of vehicles are involved in the transportation of goods - road, sea, air and rail. This allows us to quickly deliver your package to any locality in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the world. Door-to-door courier delivery guarantees our clients maximum convenience at minimum cost.  Cooperation with foreign partners allows us to have no restrictions when fulfilling the most complex order.

An individual approach to each client and the development of a special package delivery program in the work of our employees are harmoniously complemented by a sensitive attitude to the needs of the client.
We are professionals in our field and do our best to be trusted ALWAYS, to be chosen ALWAYS.